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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should kids wash their hair?

Of course, if your daughter has long, thick locks, you can wash it twice as often. From nine years old onwards, hair tends to get greasy more easily, in particular due to your child's hormones starting to change. You can then wash your child's hair three times more often each week.

Does body wash dry out your skin?

Although this is the best body wash for dry skin, Nisim Clinical Strength body wash will not directly moisturize dry skin. It will help clear up and tone areas with skin problems that are a result of excessive dryness and itchy skin and will not cause irritation.

What is a natural body wash?

Natural liquid body soaps are any body soaps that contain natural ingredients, whether the formulas are entirely natural, or merely contain some natural components. Often natural body wash is scented with floral, herbal, or fruit extracts.

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