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Frequently Asked Questions

What is best over the counter body soap for eczema?

Here are some products recommended by the National Eczema Association (NEA): Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser CLn Facial Cleanser CLn BodyWash Cerave Soothing Body Wash Skinfix Eczema Soothing Wash Cetaphil PRO Gentle Body Wash

What is the best hypoallergenic body wash?

Even & Bright Body Wash by St. Ives is a hypoallergenic body wash that makes your skin smooth, silky and subtle after every wash. It contains a generous amount of exfoliating beads that assist in unveiling a younger and radiant looking skin tone. The best ingredients of this body wash are pink lemon and mandarin orange.

What is the best sunscreen for eczema?

BADGER SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream (Best Sunscreen for Toddlers with Eczema) It has a light herbal smell, which is likely the chamomile and calendula in the formula. This formula is moisturizing and soothing, even for extremely sensitive and young skin. This makes it the best sunscreen for eczema in toddlers.

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