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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best body wash for women?

The Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Cleanser is recommended for women with normal to dry skin types, who are in need of extra hydration. For those tough winter monthes, this body wash does an excellent job at keeping your skin hydrated when other products can't.

Is Dove good for oily skin?

dove is good soap but soap in general is very drying. If you have oily skin or breakouts then dove is very gentle and works well. I have very dry skin ( especially in winter) so a natural non allergenic lotion like Avena works for me.

What are the ingredients in Dove body wash?

Sodium lauroyl isethionate, lauryl alcohol, tallow acid and palmitic acid are used as surfactants in Dove body wash. Surfactant stands for surface active agent. Surfactants are cleansing agents that suspend soil and emulsify oils, which allows you to wash them away, advises Begoun.

What is the best soap for oily skin?

Khadi lemon soap is good for the oily skin as it contains lemon which will act as a toner. It will clean your face from dirt, oil, reduces the size of the pores, prevents blackheads and at least maintain skin tone.

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