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What is the ideal male body type to attract women?

A Muscular Physique Is The Ideal Male Body Type to Attract Women After becoming noticeably muscular, the attention I get from women skyrocketed. I'm not tall, I'm of average height (5'9) and I don't have a distinctly attractive face. Until I built a muscular physique, I was more or less invisible to women in public.

What vehicle do women find most attractive?

#3 SUVs. Number three on the list of vehicles that women find most attractive is the SUV. Road and Travel magazine reports that SUV drivers are adventurous. If you’re the type of guy who goes hiking four days a week, kayaking on the weekend and runs marathons for fun, an SUV might be the right type of vehicle for you.

What do women find physically attractive?

10 Things Women Find Physically Attractive in Men Hard facial features. There is something about the rough looking man that drives them crazy. ... Height of the man. ... Strong and fit body. ... Abs of the guy. ... Butts are attractive. ... Self-confidence and security. ... Responsibility. ... Big and strong hands. ... Deep voice. ... His actions. ...

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