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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you figure out your body type?

Correctly measuring the body is the most important step in determining your body type. Take a measuring tape along with a piece of paper and a pen. Wear clothes that are tight fitting for this purpose like legging and a tank top so that they don’t affect the measurements. Stand tall and straight for all measurements.

What's the perfect exercise for your body type?

The Best Workouts for Your Body Type Apple Shapes: Tone Your Tummy. If you carry most of your excess weight around the waist and tend to have narrower hips and bigger breasts, you're an apple. Pear Shapes: Tighten Your Thighs. ... Hourglass Shapes: Tone All Over. ... Flute Shapes: Chisel Your Waist. ... Athletic Shapes: Work Your Curves. ... Plus-Size Shapes: Trim Down and Tone Up. ... Boosting Your Body Image. ...

What does your body type mean?

body type. the general physical appearance of an individual human body. Three commonly used terms for body types are ectomorph, describing a thin, fragile physique; endomorph, denoting a round, soft body; and mesomorph, indicating a muscular, athletic body of average size.

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