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Frequently Asked Questions

Are body types real or fake?

Body types are certainly “real” in the sense that some people are naturally tall and thin, some are short and fat, while others are athletic and muscular. But that doesn’t mean you should use them to guide your decisions about what to eat and how to exercise.

Do we all have the same body type?

While it’s true that we each tend towards a particular body type, individual differences actually play a far more important role in determining our body types, as training specialist Florian Nock explains.

Is the endo/meso/ecto classification for body types a myth?

There are still many forums, websites and even fitness instructors who use the convenience of the endo, meso, ecto classification for body types, perpetuating a myth that has no foundation in science.

What's wrong with the current body type classification system?

Every one of the seven billion people on earth has a slightly different body type. The second issue is that this classification system isn’t fixed. We change and evolve, so many of the "gifted" mesomorph athletes were formerly endomorphs or ectomorphs. Lastly, by restricting us to fixed types, it limits our perception of what we can achieve.

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