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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ectomorph body type?

An ectomorphic body type is centered around the brain and nerves. These people are slim and possibly underweight. The ectomorphic person has a cerebrotonic temperament, and is artistic, sensitive, apprehensive and highly self-aware. A more negative way to put it is that he or she is introverted and socially restrained.

What is the mesomorph diet?

Experts recommend that mesomorphs eat five to seven meals daily. Adequate protein consumption is essential, especially for more active people. Mesomorphs should consume 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. They should also eat a higher proportion of carbohydrates to protein, says Ultimate Nutrition’s Dr. Peter Fong.

What is an ecto mesomorph?

Ecto mesomorph is a term that refers to a body type that is a cross between ectomorph and mesomorph bodies. Characterized by broad shoulders, narrow waists, ankles and wrists, ecto mesomorphs vacillate between being extremely muscular or lean.

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