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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ideal body measurements?

A female body can be placed in a range of body measurements and shapes. It is hard to standardize a perfect female body according to a particular shape or body measurement. However, considering the popularity of specific body shapes in different parts of the world, 36"-24"-36" are the ideal body measurements for women.

How do you calculate body size?

There are several ways to calculate your body frame size. One of the simplest is to wrap the thumb and the longest finger of one hand around the wrist of the other hand, being sure to measure at the narrowest point. If your fingers touch or overlap, you're small framed.

What are the basic body shapes?

Body shapes are composed of three basic types: Angular. Fleshy. Muscular. All bodies are either one of these types or a combination of them. Some of us are definitely Fleshy above the waist and Angular below. Or vice versa. Often I see bodies that are Muscular above the waist and Fleshy below.

What is the average body size?

The average human head is 6 to 7 inches wide and 8 to 9 inches long. The average circumference is 21 to 23 inches. Males generally have a slightly larger head than females. As a proportion of the total body, a baby's head is approximately one-quarter of the total length.

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