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Frequently Asked Questions

How does lightbuzz body tracking work?

The LightBuzz Body Tracking software allows you to track up to 20 human bodies with 21 joints each. Using any RGB camera, such as your phone or laptop camera, you can access the 2D coordinates of every joint in real-time. Does your device have a depth camera, too? Great! In that case, you also get the 3D coordinates in the physical space!

Is there any way to download bodytracking on Steam?

Body Tracking solutions for VR, Positional Tracking and controller emulation, Utilities Driver4VR is now available on Steam!!! No onsite registration is required. Old licenses (non-steam – Gold) can be migrated to Steam by filling this form. You can still download old version with old authentication of Driver4VR by clicking on this link.

Is there a free VR full body tracker for PC?

If you have a VR headset and any kind of Webcam (doesn't have to be kinect) then you can use this for very little to no cost: That's nuts going to have to give it a try at some point, so clever!

Is there a way to track a person with a webcam?

There's a program called Apriltag (I'm sure you can find it if you Google Apriltag trackers, etc.) That lets you print out trackers and use a webcam to track you. It only works 180 as far as I know, but it works. does it work for the top part of the body btw? such as torso, hands and head? Is this link safe?

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