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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to track a person with a webcam?

There's a program called Apriltag (I'm sure you can find it if you Google Apriltag trackers, etc.) That lets you print out trackers and use a webcam to track you. It only works 180 as far as I know, but it works. does it work for the top part of the body btw? such as torso, hands and head? Is this link safe?

Do I need a Kinect to do body tracking?

You can also mod an Xbox connect to do body tracking for you, someone on this sub posted a how to. That, however, requires a Kinect, and either the expensive PC adapter kit or a cable mod. This, as it appears, only needs one webcam you've probably already got. I'd take this sooner than a Kinect.

What is the best motion tracking security camera for free shipping?

FREE Shipping by Amazon Amazon's Choicefor motion tracking camera eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera, Plug-in Camera with Wi-Fi, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Night Vision, Motion Tracking, HomeBase not Compatible 4.6 out of 5 stars6,525

What is orbbec body tracking SDK?

Orbbec designed the Body Tracking SDK to make 3D cameras more intelligent about us and our world. Orbbec Body Tracking enables computers to use the 3D data from our cameras to see and understand human bodies. Developers can use this SDK with Orbbec 3D cameras to create intuitive and innovative applications that unlock the potential of 3D vision.

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