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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orbbec body tracking SDK?

Orbbec designed the Body Tracking SDK to make 3D cameras more intelligent about us and our world. Orbbec Body Tracking enables computers to use the 3D data from our cameras to see and understand human bodies. Developers can use this SDK with Orbbec 3D cameras to create intuitive and innovative applications that unlock the potential of 3D vision.

What is body tracking SDK for Azure Kinect?

Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK is an SDK for tracking bodies from your Azure Kinect DK device. Body Tracking SDK is available for the Windows API (Win32) for native C/C++ Windows applications and is not currently available to UWP applications. Azure Kinect DK is not supported for Windows 10 in S mode.

How do I track a person in the physical environment?

Track a person in the physical environment and visualize their motion by applying the same body movements to a virtual character. This sample code project is associated with WWDC 2019 session 607: Bringing People into AR. To run the app, use an iOS device with A12 chip or later.

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