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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heart failure (HF)?

The American Heart Association explains heart failure (HF), sometimes called congestive heart failure (CHF), as a chronic, progressive condition in which the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood through the heart to meet the body's needs for blood and oxygen.

What happens if you are exposed to high levels of HF?

Exposure to higher concentrations can result in serious damage to the lungs, and fatal pulmonary edema may develop after a delay of several hours. Brief exposure (5 min) to 50 to 250 ppm may be fatal to humans. Ingestion of HF can produce severe injury to the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal tract and may be fatal.

What happens to your body when you have heart failure?

With heart failure, the heart doesn't pump as well as it should. So your body doesn't get enough blood and oxygen. When this occurs, the body believes that there isn't enough fluid inside its vessels.

What is the pathophysiology of HFpEF?

HFpEF shows impaired ventricular relaxation and/or filling, increased ventricular stiffness and thus elevated filling pressure accompanied by pressure overload. These hearts show concentric remodeling and/or ventricular hypertrophy accompanied by pressure overload and often backward failure (Figure 1).

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