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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 12 organ systems in the human body?

The 12 organ systems in the body are: Circulatory system which includes Cardiovascular: heart and blood. Lymphatic ststen whick includes Lymph nodes and vessels, thymus, and spleen. Digestive System which includes the primary organs of the mouth, stomach, intestines, and rectum abd tge accessirt organs which are teeth, tongue, liver, and pancreas.

What are the 10 systems of the body?

Ten major systems compose the human body: Skeletal. Muscular. Nervous. Endocrine. Cardiovascular. Lymphatic. Respiratory.

What are the 12 organ system?

Circulatory System . The main function of the circulatory systemis to transport nutrients and gasses to cellsand tissuesthroughout the body.

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