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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a form 3 ill body shop?

3 ILL Body Shop: Your "Repair Cycle ABOUT; "Supplement Request" - Form Your LO o Contact Info This is one of the most commonly used forms in the "Collision Repair Industry". It is an integral part of the "StandardOperatingProcedures" (SOP's) in the workplace.

How do I List A body repair shop on my invoice?

At the top of the page, enter the name of the body repair company and the full address of the shop. Then, to the right, enter both the time and date the vehicle entered and exited the shop followed by the invoice number. The invoice number can be anything, although going in order can improve the company’s organization.

Why search automotive repair forms?

Search automotive repair forms for efficient job scheduling and workflow within your collision shop. From check-in reports to estimate forms, work orders and daily time and job tickets, we have everything you need to track all in-house activities and correspondence with customers.

What do body repair shops do?

Body repair shops focus on far more than just damage-ridden vehicles. High-end vehicles looking for customizations, paint jobs, and aftermarket parts often go to body shops for work to be done. Furthermore, some body shops specialize in only one (1) or two (2) types of vehicles, such as diesel trucks, high-end sports cars, motorcycles, and more.

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