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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the codes for an auto repair business?

These codes describe a wide variety of automotive businesses including auto repair and car dealerships. Need an automotive NAICS code? Automotive SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes to NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes for auto businesses, including NAICS code for auto repair.

What is the NAICS code for auto body repair?

NAICS Code: 811121 Automotive Body, Paint, and Interior Repair and Maintenance | NAICS Association

What is the occupancy classification for an auto body repair shop?

What is the correct occupancy classification for an auto body repair shop? 311.2 Moderate-hazard storage, Group S-1. I would actually place it in Group F-1. If they are doing engine repair, then Group S-1 would be applicable. Group F includes assembling, disassembling, finishing, and repair not classified as Group S or H.

What is the difference between auto body work and Body Shop?

IMHO, either can be used for a body shop; thus, use the one that is most advantageous. On the contrary. Group F specifically states "disassemble," "assemble," "finish," and "repair"; and the list below includes "Automobiles ad other motor vehicles." Thus, auto body work involves disassembling, assembling, repairing, and finishing an automobile.

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