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Frequently Asked Questions

Which beauty Advent calendars do the Body Shop offer this year?

The Body Shop have three main beauty advent calendars to choose from this year. You have the Ultimate Advent Calendar, the Big Advent Calendar and the Share The Joy Advent Calendar.

Why buy a the body shop Christmas calendar this Christmas?

When buying the calendar this Christmas it will go towards The Body Shop donation around the world to support unpaid carers and selfless individuals who care for others through organised volunteering. There is also going to be an exclusive limited edition The Body Shop calendar.

Are Advent calendars reusable in 2021?

Our 2021 advent calendars are now reusable and more sustainable than ever before. Once you’ve unboxed all your treats, our Big, Ultimate and Exclusive advents’ drawers are perfect for storing crafts, jewellery, makeup and other little bits and bobs, which means it can be reused long after Christmas too. Pretty nifty, huh?

What's new on our advent calendars?

Our iconic beauty advent calendars are back with a new, unique, pop-up construction that transports you to a joyful Christmas world. This year, we’re celebrating all those who spread love selflessly, who reach out and lift up others.

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