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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common Spanish words?

According to Almela, the most common nouns in Spanish are los años (the years), la vez (the time/incidence), la parte (the part), la vida (the life), el tiempo (the time; also the weather), el día (the day), el mundo (the world), la casa (the house), el hombre (the man), el país (the country), el momento (the moment), las cosas (the things), España ...

What are the names for body parts in Spanish?

Vocabulary List: Body Parts in Spanish. Here are the Spanish words for common body parts: Arm — el brazo. Back — la espalda. Backbone — la columna vertebral. Brain — el cerebro, el seso. Breast, chest — el pecho. Buttocks — las nalgas.

What are the names of the body parts?

Common names of well known parts of the human body, from top to bottom: Head - Forehead - Jaw - Cheek - Chin. Neck - Shoulders. Arm - Elbow - Wrist - Hand - Fingers - Thumb. Spine - Chest - Thorax. Abdomen - Groin. Hip - Buttocks - Leg - Thigh - Knee - Calf - Heel - Ankle - Foot - Toes.

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