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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say human body in Spanish?

The Human Body Spanish English el cuerpo humano the human body la cabeza head la cara face el cuello neck 29 more rows ...

How can I teach Spanish parts of the body to preschoolers?

If you’re here specifically looking for ideas to use with preschoolers and young children, you can skip directly to that section by clicking here: Spanish Parts of the Body for Preschool Learners. To get started, here are some general ideas for teaching parts of the body with any age: 1. Play Simon Says.

What is included in the body parts kit?

Body parts: mouth, leg, arm, foot, hand, nose, hair, ear, eyes, head, fingers, toes, teeth, Vocabulary Practice kit for young learners: read, trace, write, cut and paste activities.You can use these body parts worksheets to teach and practice basic vocabulary.This Packet includes the following:• 13 ...

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