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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Body Art in Tampa?

Fairvilla offers a wide variety of costumes, wigs, accessories, and everything in between. Fairvilla is open daily from 11 AM- Midnight and is located at 524 Front St. Join our premier all girl team of body artists Femme Fatale Quatre Body Art, October 22-30 starting each day at 1 PM at Sunset Pier, 0 Duval Street.

Will Pashur be painting at Fantasy Fest 2022 in Key West?

IT'S FANTASY FEST TIME! Award-Winning Body Paint Artist, Pashur will be back body painting at Fantasy Fest, October 2022 in Key West, Florida. "Pashur is the Picasso of Body Painting." 2022 Days and Times will be announced soon. 2022 Location will be announced soon. The paint should last all day as long as you are careful with it.

What is the Living Art Expo in Key West?

One of these popular events is the Living Art Expo, which highlights the talent in body paint. The Fantasy Fest’s Living Art Expo is a showcase of “human form as a living canvas.” Sunset Pier in Key West was turned into a colorful array of human body art that was open to all with free admission.

Can you make a body into an art piece?

Bodies were made into canvas with paintings of Elvis in costume, mermaids, interpretive art, and the regular band tee and shorts. The Living Art Expo at Sunset Pier allowed both skin and physical performance to showcase the potential of the human body as it was transformed into art.

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