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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NYC bodypainting Day 2016?

The theme for NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 was “Inner Beauty” and our participating artist, Matt Deifer, painted Ri live in the streets of Manhattan in front of thousands of eager onlookers. Her back piece showcased a tombstone with the words “Here Lie Self Hate” and a decrepit skull and bones sat in front of it, covered in ivy.

Why body painting is so popular?

Body painting is one of the most popular art. People are interested to paint their bodies to express their thoughts and feelings. People especially women paint their bodies when they are cheering for their team To watch more Exclusive Body Painting Video please Like, Comment & Subscribe our channel.

Why is Andy Golub painting naked people in public?

The event is the brainchild of artist and body-painting icon Andy Golub, who says he got a permit from the parks department after spending years fighting the police for the right to paint fully nude people in public.

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