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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Texas body art?

Texas Body Art is a custom award winning tattoo shop located in Houston with 20 years of history behind it. We have multiple talented tattoo artists ready to design your tattoos. Offering an upscale,clean,friendly environment. Many doctors, lawyers, NFL football players, musicians, and other groups of families visit in comfort and style.

Is tattooing at Texas body art safe?

Texas body Art practices the safest measures of safety in all of its operations of tattooing and piercing.Tattooing is done with single service needles and discarded after use as well as ink caps .

What is the best tattoo and piercing studio in Houston?

In 2017 Texas Body Art was nominated as the Winner for the 10th consecutive year in a row for Best tattoo and Piercing Studio in Houston.Be sure to check out our reviews now on yelp and google. vending machines at both locations! It’s exactly what it says!

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