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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of art did Craig Tracy do?

Craig Tracy was never interested in conventional art. Though he trained for years as an illustrator, it wasn’t until he began experimenting with the ancient art of body-painting that he truly [...] Artist Craig Tracy is an icon of the body painting movement, having won and judged international competitions in the body painting world.

Who is Craig Tracy's wife?

He has also judged the U.S. body painting competition Living Art America and helped organize the New York Body Painting day. Tracy married his wife, Ashley, in New Orleans in 2014, where they currently reside. Craig Tracy was never interested in conventional art.

Did you see Craigie's New York City bodypainting day?

NYC Bodypainting Day!! From July 23rd-30th, Craig travelled to New York City to participate in the New York City Bodypainting Day. The actual event was held on Sunday, July 25th in Union Square in Lower Manhattan.

How old was Tracy when he started airbrush painting?

Tracy received his first airbrush at the age of 15 from his parents, and one year later, at the age of 16, he took his first steps into the professional art world by working nights and weekends as an airbrush artist. The experience taught him how to paint detailed works on a myriad of surfaces.

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