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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Greg Hartley and what does he do?

Greg Hartley is a senior corporate executive whose expertise as an interrogator earned him honors with the United States Army. Businesses, private investigators, attorneys, human resources professionals, and the media have relied on his knowledge of human behavior and body language.

Why take a body language tactics course?

Listen to graduates of Body Language Tactics. They're people just like you. Listen to how the course has helped transform their lives in business as well as social settings. Learning is Simple and Fast. The path to becoming an expert in Body Language and human behavior isn't a hard as you may think.

What is the best online body language training course?

Scott and Greg's real-world experience and training have made them the #1 online Body Language Trainers with their #1 online training course Body Language Tactics, which became the go-to-course for learning Body Language when the pandemic hit.

Do you learn body language from real experts?

You will learn from real Body Language Experts, not from those who have simply Googled what they "teach" and "train".

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