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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should practice confident body language?

More importantly, when you practice powerful, positive body language, you're sending messages to your brain to reinforce confident feelings. Confident body language actually makes you feel more confident and appear more confident to others. Quick note: Studies show people earn more when they boost their self-confidence.

What are some examples of positive body language?

Positive body language makes a person seem interested and engaged in conversation. Examples of positive body language include standing up straight, making eye contact with peers, and nodding occasionally to show attentiveness.

How body language can improve your mood?

How to use body language to raise your mood Body language to battle depression. Did you know that your facial expression can impact your mood? ... Walk to open your mind. When people are really upset, we sometimes tell them to "take a walk". ... Force a smile to raise your spirits. Try to force a smile or laughter (for long enough) the next time you're feeling down. ... Dance to cheer up. ...

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