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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your period cause body dysmorphia to spiral out of control?

So it's not exactly my actual period causing my body dysmorphia to spiral out of control; it's PMS symptoms like irritability, lethargy, and the physical changes that ensue and escalate things.

Can hormonal fluctuations cause dysmorphia?

When levels of these hormones fluctuate, you may be more likely to feel down, potentially leading to symptoms of body dysmorphia. Hormonal fluctuations are more severe during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

What is PME (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)?

“We’d call this PME, or premenstrual exacerbation of an underlying disorder.” PMS and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) cause a range of symptoms relegated to the menstrual phase of a reproductive cycle. Unlike those, PME can actually amplify existing conditions.

Is your menstrual cycle causing body image dysmorphia?

My menstrual cycle takes a major toll on me in that respect. In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, NYC-based psychotherapist, Dove partner, and life coach, Christine Gutierrez, explains that body image dysmorphia is “when an individual is preoccupied with small or non-existent ‘flaws’ in their appearance.”

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