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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a body composition assessment?

Where to be assessed Find out sites open to the general public where it is possible to be assessed with the latest body composition (red) and metabolic (blue) technology from COSMED, together with advanced training or weight counseling. Search the facility nearest to you and get tested!

What should I wear to a body composition test?

Recommended attire for the test: tight-fitting clothing or bathing suit. Swim cap (you will stay dry). Test protocol: Two-hour fast prior to the test. No coffee of alcohol four hours before. Receive your body fat measurement from the world's fastest, safest and most accurate body composition assessment within one business day.

What is the BOD POD test?

BOD POD Test in NYC - Accurate Body Fat Analysis | Fitnescity: Body Fat (DEXA). Metabolism. V02 max BOD POD Test: this body composition test will generate a breakdown of fat mass vs fat-free mass, total body fat percentage, comparison with healthy ranges and population data (percentile, Z-score).

Why DEXA body composition scans?

Body composition scans with DEXA / DXA provides precise and accurate data on total body fat percentage, total fat mass and fat-free mass. Most importantly, what is unique about DEXA body composition technology is that it provides regional body fat results (trunk, arms, legs, pelvis and android/gynoid regions).

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