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Frequently Asked Questions

What activities improve body composition?

Increasing lean muscle tissue and reducing your stored body fat helps lower your percentage of body fat, and compound exercises have the ability to improve your body composition. Unlike isolation exercises, which only require a single joint movement, compound movements maximize muscle activation with multiple joint articulations.

What are the normal ranges for body composition?

However, there are ranges established for optimal health--for men this range is 10-25%, and for women it's 18-30%. Being too thin can be just as dangerous as being overweight or obese. For example, women need to have at least 13-17% body fat in order to menstruate, a normal body process.

How do you determine body composition?

To determine your body composition accurately, however, you'll need to have your body fat percentage measured. Some health clubs and gyms have staff trained to do this, using skin calipers, which pinch skin at different points to calculate body fat, or handheld bioelectrical impedance analysis scanners.

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