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Frequently Asked Questions

Is body armor Lyte good for dehydration?

When this happens, it is because your body loses its natural electrolytes with water during physical exertion. Sports drinks like Bodyarmor and Gatorade can prevent it by replenishing lost electrolytes and hydrating the body.

What vitamins are in body armor?

Body Armor doesn't contain that much vitamins or electrolytes. A 16 oz bottle will give you enough vitamin A and C, but that's it. You still need vitamins B, D, E, and K. Also 16 oz will only give you about 20% of your recommended daily intake of potassium which you won't get if you cut out fruits...

Is body armor drink good for You?

What are the Advantages of BodyArmor Super Drink? It may leave the body hydrated It has a delicious taste It contains healthy antioxidants It is convenient to use It may be used at any time of the day

Who makes body armor sport drink?

Kobe Bryant Makes Body Armor The Official Sports Drink Of The UFC. This has proven especially when it comes to his signature Sports Drink, Body Armor, which Bryant has been actively promoting to multiple media outlets over the past several months while also touring the globe.

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