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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right body armor for me?

Find a professional that can walk you through the options and steer you to what you need for your requirements. You have to be realistic and weigh (no pun intended) the possibility of being shot at with specific power level ammunition against the practicality of using the body armor that will stop those rounds.

Should I buy a Level 4 armor?

Using level 4 armor isn't something you're going to do every day nor are you likely to want to wear a IIIa concealable just for a jot to the market in 100 degree heat. If you’re looking for level IV protection in conjunction with soft body armor the company Safe Life Defense is making UHMWPE plates for $169 per plate.

Should I buy a used armor plate or a new plate?

An IOTV is another option for a quality vest at a low cost, just get one that hasn't been used much (if at all) and DEFINITELY has not had the soft armor washed in a washing machine. If it looks used, stay away from it. New is always better and I'd just say don't buy used plates, period. BTDT.

Is Infidel a good brand for body armor?

I only have a iii from them, but infidel body armor multicurve is very nice for the price, and they often have some bundle packages from time to time for good deals for good gear. If it’s for a go bag type setup, cheaper 8lb single curve is fine.

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