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Frequently Asked Questions

What is body armor used for?

Body armor. It was historically used to protect military personnel, whereas today, it is also used to protect various types of police ( riot police in particular), private citizens, private security guards or bodyguards. Today there are two main types: regular non-plated personal armor (used by the people mentioned above,...

Can civilians use body armor?

Yes, civilians are legally able to buy body armor such as bulletproof vests. As long as you haven't had a felony conviction, you are able to purchase a bulletproof vest online. That is, unless you live in Connecticut. In Connecticut, body armor purchases must be made face-to-face.

What is concealed body armor?

Concealable Body Armor. Ballistic vests are specifically designed to protect people who wear them against bullets. Therefore military soldiers, police enforcers and even ordinary people wear them. However, these vests come along with different levels of ballistic protection. In addition, they have been divided into different categories as well.

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