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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the anatomy of a dancer's body?

Dance anatomy is essentially the one of the musculoskeletal system, because this one is responsible for providing the human body with movement, hence the possibility of dancing.

Why is it important to study dance anatomy?

It is widely recognized among our artistic community that having a good knowledge of dance anatomy is of great help for dancers, both for preventing injuries and for improving technical skills.

What does circumduction mean in anatomy?

Circumduction, as its name implies, involves a circular motion, as you would when you swing your arms, such as in the windup to throw a ball (see Figure 7.3). This movement, in a limited fashion, happens at ellipsoidal and saddle joints, but it is best done at ball-and-socket joints.

How does the human body provide movement?

When thinking in anatomical terms, we divide the organism and understand its functions in separated ways. Therefore we usually believe that movement is provided only by muscles and bones. Though, it is important to keep in mind that the human body is an organism, hence a whole unity (it is actually a human being and not just some flesh and blood).

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