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What is a good book on anatomy for a beginner?

The 10 Best Anatomy Textbooks Atlas of Human Anatomy. The Atlas of Human Anatomy (about $63) by Frank H. ... The Anatomy Coloring Book. The Anatomy Coloring Book (around $17) by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. ... Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas. ... Trail Guide to the Body. ... Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology. ... Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology. ... Human Anatomy & Physiology. ... OpenStax Anatomy & Physiology. ... More items...

Who published the first anatomy book?

In 1543, Vesalius published one of the most important books in medical history and the world's first textbook of anatomy, On the Structure of the Human Body. The book contains detailed anatomical descriptions of all parts of the human body, directions for carrying out dissections, and meticulously drawn illustrations.

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