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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BMI a good metric?

BMI is a very good metric for overall health. It is hard to lose weight, and hence there is a lot of wishful thinking about BMI not mattering. For example: Consider a professional foot ball player, with a BMI of 27, and a body fat ratio of 6%.

What does BMI tell us?

BMI is, nevertheless, commonly used as an estimate of obesity as it is inexpensive and does not require trained personnel to take an accurate measurement. Consequently, BMI does tell us something about the proportions of our bodies, but cannot accurately provide the actual composition of the body.

What is BMI and is it accurate?

It's important to note that although BMI is accurate most of the time , it may overestimate or underestimate body fat. For example, BMI doesn't distinguish between body fat and muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. Many NFL players have been labeled "obese" because of their high BMI, when they actually have a low percentage of body fat.

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