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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Blue Shield provider?

The customer support phone number of Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield is 1-800-824-8839/1-800-492-8872.

Does Blue Shield of California cover fertility?

These services are covered only when authorized by Blue Shield, and provided by a Preferred Provider. Procedures must be consistent with established medical practice in treatment of infertility and induced fertilization.

What is blue shield EPO?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is the location of the claims processing center and customer service center. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield EPO is offered to all members throughout the United States as long as the member resides in one of the designated zip codes for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Why is blue shield of California?

Blue Shield of California is a mission-driven organization powered by people who lead with purpose. We invest in and develop great leaders who are committed to creating a healthcare system worthy of our family and friends and sustainably affordable. The employee experience below at Blue Shield of California, compared to a typical company.

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