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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best supplemental insurance plan for Medicare?

Plan F may be the best Medicare Supplement Plan for you, and you’re in good company. Of people who use Medicare, 66 percent choose Plan F. It gives the most comprehensive coverage of all the Medicare Supplement plans. People with Plan F are 100 percent covered for all Medicare Supplement benefits, except foreign emergency care.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield have life insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers life insurance to be added onto a health insurance policy that was purchased from Blue Cross Blue Shield, in some states. The Life face amount offered to add onto the Health policy is fairly small and the type of coverage offered is Term Life insurance.

What is Blue Shield plan?

The Blue Shield was originally an insurance plan for employers of mining camps in the Pacific Northwest. The employers paid their monthly fees to groups of physicians for employee coverage. These two companies would merge and in 1982, the official name of the association became Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield a Medicare supplement?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) Most of the retirees in the United States rely on Medicare to cover their healthcare costs. However, Original Medicare only covers a percentage of the total bill leaving the policyholder with additional costs to cover. Supplement plans covers the out of pocket expenses that the policyholders have to pay.

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