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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf scorecard template?

A golf scorecard is an essential part of the game which is used to record all the scores taken in the game. For the game to function effectively, this scorecard template is widely used. The performance of both the teams is measured using it and it is an essential component of the game.

What is the best paper to print a golf Scorecard on?

For the best result it’s recommended to use slightly heavier thicker paper, ideally with weight 130 gsm or more. Smart Excel tool for your tournaments to print golf scorecards with all relevant information.

How do you name Tees in golf scores?

Each set of tees will be given a name such as gold tees or red tees. The predefined excel sheet will contain blank spaces to note down the name of players. On the left side of each row, there will be wider box for player’s name and also boxes to totalize the score for each nine holes and for the total of 18 hole score.

How to mark the score card in golf?

If you have been playing game for some time, there are more advanced methods to mark the score card. There are two ways to mark the score card. For the true beginners, taking strokes mean that your course will allow you to reduce your score. If you mark the card in manner of top, you can divide each of those boxes with a slash.

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