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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the biggest names in biotechnology?

NVO, REGN, and ALXN lead the 10 biggest biotech companies list Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO) 1-Year Trailing Total Return: 0.5% Novo Nordisk is a multinational biotech company headquartered in Denmark with production facilities in seven countries and affiliates or offices in ... Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. ... Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. ... Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. ... More items...

What jobs are there in biotechnology?

Biotechnology majors can choose careers from a range of different specialties and areas. Most biotechnologists work in laboratories. Job duties can include planning projects, managing lab teams, researching biological processes, preparing technical reports and presenting research findings.

What are some products of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology involves using living organisms or substances derived from living organisms, such as DNA or proteins, to make some kind of product. Many different kinds of products are made through biotechnology. These can include fermented foods such as beer, yogurt, and chocolate, drugs, laundry detergents, stone-washed genes, orchids.

Who are the top biotechnology consulting firms?

Top 10 BioTech Consulting/Service Companies - 2020. Altasciences. Altasciences' intelligent drug development platform demonstrates how integration stems from the operational structure and branches out ... Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp. ArcherDX, Inc. Celularity. Digital Infuzion.

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