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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best Assault class gun in Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide Maxim SMG Prototype - This 80-round capacity sub machine gun is an exclusive weapon for the Assault class. General Liu Rifle - Carrying a capacity of 6 rounds, this bolt-action rifle is for the Medic only. Perino Model 1908 LMG - For the Support class, this weapon could be capable of switching reloading types when mounted on a bipod. More items...

How many players on Battlefield 1?

Most Battlefield 1 players are on Sony’s PlayStation 4, with a peak of 366,603. Add this to the PC community and the 277,299 players on Xbox One, and you get 828,384.

Is Battlefield 1 free?

The popular first-person shooter Battlefield 1 is currently available for via Amazon's Prime Gaming for a limited time. And it's not the only free Battlefield video game that Amazon's Prime ...

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