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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Whiteboard app is best?

Best Whiteboard Apps Whiteboard. If you are looking for easy to use and clean whiteboard app for Android, then Whiteboard by Sharda Gohil is for you. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard. Unlike the previous app, LiveBoard is available for both Android and iOS. ... Ziteboard. ... Explain Everything. ... VideoScribe Anywhere. ...

How to download Whiteboard app?

To download the APK file, go to and click Resources > Downloads > Whiteboard for Android, or go directly to Once the file has downloaded, open it to install - you may need to grant permission to install apps from unknown sources.

How do you download apps on Microsoft Surface?

To add new apps to your Surface, follow these steps: Open the Store app. Browse for apps, tapping interesting apps to read their description, details, and reviews left by others. Search for an app. Tap an app’s name to read more about it. Install or buy the app. Wait for the app to download.

How do I download Microsoft whiteboard?

To find the app, open the Microsoft Store, navigate to the Apps section and search for the term "Microsoft Whiteboard." The top entry in the results should be the app you are looking for, click it and you should arrive at the download page ( Figure B ). Click the Get button and the app will download and install in less than a minute.

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