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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Whiteboard app is best?

Best Whiteboard Apps Whiteboard. If you are looking for easy to use and clean whiteboard app for Android, then Whiteboard by Sharda Gohil is for you. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard. Unlike the previous app, LiveBoard is available for both Android and iOS. ... Ziteboard. ... Explain Everything. ... VideoScribe Anywhere. ...

What is the best weather app for the iPad?

Vane is a minimal weather app for the iPad/iPad Mini. At its best, it provides hourly weather information for almost all cities in the world. You can’t get a cleaner look for the weather app than this. Vane is built on flat design aesthetics, completely.

What is the best pen for the iPad?

AmazonBasics Stylus for the iPad is cheap, effective and pretty decent for a touchscreen. This is, again, one of those pen-shaped styluses with a large nib. It’s suitable for drawing and doodling on the iPad although it serves most other purposes too.

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