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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best places to work from home?

If you don’t need to make phone calls, libraries are a great place to get serious work done. Lots of tables and free wifi is the norm. If your local public libraries are too crowded (or rowdy), consider a private membership library. Membership fees at private libraries are often a fraction of the cost for a spot in a coworking space. 3. Museums

How do federal agencies rank among the best places to work?

On a government-wide basis, employees gave federal agencies a Best Places to Work score of 86.1 out of 100 on a series of critical workforce issues centering on their response to the pandemic—prioritizing employee well-being, the provision of job resources, agency performance and leadership support.

What is the 2020 Best Places to work employee engagement score?

Overall, the 2020 government-wide Best Places to Work employee engagement score measuring employee satisfaction with their jobs and organizations is 69.0 out of 100. This 2020 score cannot be compared to previous years because of a change in our methodology.

Where to work remotely in Hawaii?

11 Places to Work Remotely Other Than a Coffee Shop. 1 1. Hotel Lobbies. Ko Olina Marriott in Hawaii is not a bad spot to get some work done. 2 2. Libraries. 3 3. Museums. 4 4. Malls. 5 5. Gyms and Sports Clubs. More items

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