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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best city in Manitoba to live in?

Best City To Live In: Manitoba, Canada 1 Brandon, MB. 2 Springfield, MB. 3 Steinbach, MB. 4 Winkler, MB. 5 Selkirk, MB. 6 Winnipeg, MB. 7 Hanover, MB. 8 Taché, MB. 9 Thompson, MB. 10 St. Andrews, MB.

What are the biggest industries in Manitoba?

The city is one of the economically stable cities in Manitoba. The major industry in the area deals with the mining and processing of nickel. Other major employers in the city include Vale Ltd, Calm Air, and Manitoba Hydro.

Which is the second largest city in Manitoba?

1 Brandon, MB. Brandon is the second-largest city in Manitoba after Winnipeg. 2 Springfield, MB. Springfield is the oldest and the largest rural municipality in Manitoba. 3 Steinbach, MB. Steinbach is a small city of approximately 16,000 residents. 4 Winkler, MB. The city of Winkler is situated in southern ...

What are the job families at Manitoba Infrastructure?

The job families we place people in comprise of general office & admin support, human resources, customer support, warehousing, trades, machine operators,… Manitoba Infrastructure is seeking senior executive staff to lead in various areas of the department.

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