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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hampton Inns dog friendly?

Hampton Inn & Suites Hershey is pet friendly! Two pets up to 25 lbs are welcome for no additional fee. Guests traveling with pets must call (877) 411-3436 prior to booking to verify availability of a pet-friendly room or risk not being able to check in with a pet and/or incurring any associated cancellation penalties.

Are Maine Coons friendly?

Other Quick Facts Maine Coons are friendly and get along with everyone, including children, dogs and other cats. The Maine Coon has a long, beautiful coat, but it usually doesn’t mat and requires only weekly combing.

What is a family friendly dog?

Some family friendly dog breeds can include all color's of labs, golden retrievers, border collie's, and huskies. There are a number of smaller dogs as well such as Pomeranian, and poodles. Jack Russel Terriers can be a good family dog as well, they are generally small but have a lot of energy.

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