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Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual effect software?

Visual Effects are the processes used to create imaginary effects around a live action shot. These effects are used in films and videos to add special effects and motion graphics to various scenes. VFX software enables artists to design effective and stunning effects, 3D animation, graphics and visuals easily using an interactive platform.

What is a VFX editor?

The VFX Editor also has the ability to create a functioning environment where the Visual Effects Supervisor can evaluate any version of any shot in the current sequences, for aesthetic and technical direction. This position works closely with producers to manage all incoming media and outgoing deliverables.

What are visual effects editor?

VFX editors work as the link between the film or TV production team, which shoots the live-action footage, and the VFX studio that does the visual effects. A VFX editor can be employed by a VFX studio or directly by the film or TV production company. The role varies depending on whether they are in-house (employed by the studio) or client-side (employed by the film or TV production company).

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