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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I recycle in Berkeley CA?

Berkeley Recycling Center: Located near the City of Berkeley Transfer Station at 2nd and Gilman St, the Recycling Center accepts glass bottles and jars, metal cans, plastic bottles, rigid plastic containers, mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, clothing/textiles, scrap metal, and non-refrigerated appliances for drop off.

Are there any Berkeley County convenience centers for residents?

Berkeley County convenience centers are for Berkeley County citizens only, for residential waste only. Commercial waste will not be accepted at convenience center locations (Berkeley County Landfill accepts commercial waste). Residents must show a photo ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID to use Berkeley County convenience centers.

How is the city of Berkeley getting closer to zero waste?

The continued increase in recycling of all materials, and the community-wide support for our organics recycling program, are bringing us closer to the City’s goal of zero waste. The City of Berkeley offers a wide range of recycling services to residential and business customers.

Can you recycle antifreeze in Berkeley?

Acceptable at Grapevine Road & South Berkeley Recycling Centers Only. Used antifreeze that has not been mixed with any oil is acceptable at the Grapevine Road and South Berkeley Recycling Centers. Antifreeze is acceptable regardless of age or manufacture.

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