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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for employment with Berkeley County government?

Applicants must complete the Berkeley County Government Employment Application process in its entirety in addition to including any required attachments. Incomplete applications received by the Human Resources Department may not be considered.

What does the Berkeley County Department of human resources do?

The Department also supports the management staff of Berkeley County by organizing employment activities, developing policies and procedures, administering the County’s benefits and compensation programs, coordinating wellness programs, providing training to enhance employee/supervisory performance and facilitating employee relations.

How do I apply for a job with the county?

We ask that if you are interested in applying for an open position with the County, to please set up a personal account by clicking on View Jobs – this will allow you to create an account or go to your account that you have already created to apply for a position. You will receive confirmation via e-mail that your application has been received.

Where is government jobs located in California?

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