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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make rice with turmeric?

Turmeric Rice Recipe. Heat olive oil in a skillet or saucepan with a lid. Add onion, pepper and tomato, if using. Saute, stirring occasionally, until onions are soft, about 5 minutes. Add rice and stir to mix well; cook for another minute or two. Add liquid, salt and turmeric. Cover, adjust heat to maintain a simmer,...

What is a good recipe for turmeric?

Ground turmeric Blend it into smoothies: use 1 teaspoon for a subtle turmeric hit. Add 1-2 teaspoons to any soup recipe. A natural in curries, turmeric brings warm flavors to any curry or stew. Add a color pop to rice dishes by adding ½ teaspoon turmeric to the water when cooking the rice.

Is turmeric really good?

Turmeric also contains magical nutrients -- the kind that practically cast spells to keep you strong and healthy. Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammation -- both inside and out. Uses include cancer prevention and treatment as well as treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and infections.

Is turmeric a natural herb?

Closely related to the other members of the ginger family, turmeric is a perennial herb native to India, bearing the scientific name Curcuma longa. The herb itself is derived from the rhizome of the plant, which is dried before the useful powdered form can be acquired.

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