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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the guava nectar benefits Help You?

Health benefits of Guava juice : Antioxidant Property Prevents Constipation Heart Healthy Treats Cough and Cold Betters Digestion Enhances Oral Care Improves Blood Circulation Good for Diabetics Good for Eye Health Boosts the Immune System More items...

Is guava a superfood?

Superfood: Guava. Native to the tropics, guava is the fruit from fairy tales — it’s believed to have some seriously “magical” properties and has been used for thousands of years in folk medicine . With edible skin and seeds packed with fiber, this fruit is a sweet (sometimes tangy) snack that packs in power and nutrients.

What can I do with fresh guava?

Unripe guava fruit when eaten can help control diarrhea, vomiting and to expel intestinal worms. Rich in dietary fiber, which is beneficial in cleaning the intestine, aiding digestion and lessening the risk of developing colon cancer. Fresh guava juice is helpful in providing relief in cough and cold.

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