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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Merrill Lynch sell life insurance?

Now Merrill Lynch is in a partnership with AEGON to sell their life insurance products under the company, Transamerica Advisors Life Insurance Company, based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Is Merrill Lynch a brokerage company?

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Having helped organize Safeway Stores in 1926, Merrill sold his firm’s retail brokerage operations to E.A. Pierce & Company in 1930 and concentrated on investment banking until 1940, when he merged his firm with that of Pierce to form Merrill Lynch, E.A. Pierce & Cassatt.

Is Merrill Lynch owned by Bank of America?

Merrill Lynch is a subsidiary company that is entirely owned by Bank of America (“Merrill Lynch”). Prior to the merger, Merrill Lynch issued debt instruments to a number of companies.

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