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Frequently Asked Questions

Is eastern King Size same as regular King Size Bed?

Eastern king-size bedding and regular king-size bedding fit the same size mattress , which simply touts the name "king," "standard king," or "eastern king" mattress. A king -- or standard or eastern king -- mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

What are the different types of bed?

Bed sheets can be of various materials, and some of the most popular types are linen, cotton, satin, silk, bamboo fibre, rayon, Polyproplyne spunbond, and various blends of cotton with polyester. The quality of the bed sheet is measured by its thread count. Bed sheets come in two types as fitted and flat sheets.

What is a traditional bed?

A traditional bed can also have wood slats, but typically has only 1-3 to help support a foundation or box spring. The difference between a traditional bed and a platform bed, is that you can place a mattress directly on a platform bed without a box spring or foundation.

How big should my Room be for a King Size Bed?

Based off of the most commonly purchased king, the Standard King, the minimum room size according to is 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches. Most designers will tell you that you need a minimum of 30 inches all around the bed for movement.

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